One of the most cost-effective ways to add both curb appeal and value to an older home in Trumbull, CT is by giving it an upgrade. Exterior home remodeling from White Home Products allows property owners to replace windows, doors, roof or siding, or perhaps replace everything for a completely new look and style.

Outdated, damaged or out-of-style elements on the exterior of the home can make it look drab, old and inconsistent with other homes in the neighborhood. Working with the exterior home remodeling experts at White Home Products allows each homeowner to choose the upgrades that meet their design choices as well as their budget.

Upgrade Options to Consider

Some of the remodeling services we offer are not just cosmetic. Opting for window replacement and new door installation not only gives the house a new look, but it can help with increased energy efficiency through the residence.

Roof replacement is another essential upgrade, particularly if there are issues with storm damaged shingles, old shingles, or signs of roof wear. Our team of roofing professionals can replace your existing roof with any appropriate roofing material you may be considering.

To create a modern, fresh and new look to an older home, vinyl siding replacement with new windows and doors allows you to choose designs and styles that are an excellent match for your home as well as for your budget.

For details on any of our exterior home remodeling services in the Trumbull, CT area, contact White Home Products at 203-336-5334.